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Kayak & Snorkel Tour.

Embark on an underwater journey with us as we explore Fort Lauderdale.

Never taken a kayaking trip before? Not a problem!

Kayak & Snorkel Adventure will take you on an extraordinary trip through underwater Miami to Fort Lauderdale, which is a habitat to a booming aquatic ecosystem with a very high density of marine life. Explore Fort Lauderdale, one of Florida’s famous attractions, by kayaking through the underwater park. Seasons come and go, but we never stop moving.

Kayak & Snorkel Adventure tours are appropriate for nearly everyone. No prior kayaking experience is necessary; with the help of our guides, you’ll be paddling around in no time. You will have life-changing experiences with us.

Let’s go on a Snorkeling adventure!

Our kayak tours, as well as our snorkel tours, are phenomenal. You can create one of the most incredible sea experiences on these tours. In order to mingle with the incredible marine life that calls the area home, your professional guide will take the boat and lead you through the stunning waters. Your eyes and cameras will be delighted by butterflyfish almost as bright as the sun, and cheerful angelfish swim around you while you sunbathe in the water.

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One-stop shop for all your Kayaking & Snorkeling needs!

Getting a kayak rental from us makes kayaking in Fort Lauderdale simple and enjoyable. To help you see the best sights and have fun diving, we provide you with a brand-new fleet of whitewater kayaks and equipment. From the store to the water, our staff will guide you. They will even help you navigate the waves and get into the kayak. Every rental is available for day trips as well as multi-day excursions. Be sure to say hello to every marine animal you encounter!

Get your rentals from us for the most enjoyable aquatic journey.

Kayak & Snorkel Adventure Process.

We will take my clients on an extreme adventure by kayaking from the beach to the open ocean and then to a stunning coral reef teeming with marine life, where we will spend an hour snorkeling before returning. The trip, which will last about two hours, is recommended for those who love sports, divers, and kayak snorkelers.

My customer will first make a refundable payment 24 hours from the confirmed date. After the customer makes a payment, I will have them fill out their name, surname, and phone number. I will then call the bank to confirm the date, location, and time because weather conditions can change.


Experience a lifetime of fun with our Kayaks!

When visiting Fort Lauderdale, there are a ton of exciting things to see. Some of them happen to be underwater! Unsurprisingly, the ocean is a major draw for tourists in a coastal city called “The Venice of America.” The warm, calm waters teem with tropical fish, fascinating aquatic animals, and coral reefs. Snorkeling is one of the best ways to experience this undiscovered underwater heaven in Fort Lauderdale.

Snorkeling in Fort Lauderdale is a unique experience. It is the ideal family-friendly activity because it doesn’t call for any specialized training or qualifications. Additionally, words cannot express the vivid views of marine life you’ll catch through your mask! Why not visit and take a look?

About Kayak & Snorkel Adventure.

Kayak & Snorkel Adventure was founded eight years ago by an ex-foreign legion member who served in the parachute regiment. In addition to training for extreme sports, he is an expert in professional diving and survival skills.

Kayak & Snorkel Adventure provides kayaking and snorkeling tours for individuals and groups. In addition, you can rent kayaks and other equipment to embark on a solo journey. With Kayak & Snorkel Adventure, you can enjoy the captivating sights while engaging in sports activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

There are no physical requirements other than being in generally good health.

The appeal of Snorkeling and Kayaking.

Kayaking and snorkeling provide a closer connection with the natural world and are physical activity and relaxation methods. By allowing the water to lead you and resting your paddles, you can enjoy the water’s flow and mouthfeel as well as feel its temperature and texture. You can see birds sing for you as they approach to say hello, and see fish rise to the water surface and enjoy the joy of their singing. While exploring the extraordinary marine life and taking in the tranquillity of the underwater world, you can also discover new scents and shades.

You quickly understand that the combination of the sun, the sky, the water, and your immediate surroundings create a 360-degree picture of unparalleled beauty, with you as a central component.

We don’t want you to blow this fantastic opportunity to explore the ocean. Book us right away!

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Explore the excitement


Explore the excitement

We can help you! We have a brand new fleet of whitewater kayaks and gear available to rent. All rentals are available for day trip or multi-day trips.


Customer Reviews

Charlie Vince Vermette

Francesco is Energetic and Really cool to hangout with! Great experience 👍

– Charlie Vince Vermette

“Francesco is energetic and really cool to hang out with! Great experience.”

– Sarah

“We had a fabulous weekend kayaking and snorkeling in Ft Lauderdale. Going with the guide allowed us to learn more about underwater Florida and visit places we certainly would not have found on our own.”

– Krystin

“The kayaking trip we took as a family was excellent. All along the way, we received assistance. My kids had a great time with the proficient tour guide! Without a doubt, we'll return for more.”

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